Are you insured?

Yes, Grinnell Associates North is fully insured. We carry Workman’s Compensation, as well as General Liability Insurance, which includes per project insurance for each individual project. It protects the Homeowners from multiple claims.

Who does the work?

Grinnell Associates North has a team of skilled and courteous professionals.

How does the project begin?

We begin first with a telephone or email conversationĀ about your thoughts and/or ideas. Second, we come to your home for a site visit or a mutual meeting place to go over your project needs, budgets, and concerns. Then we create a better description of what your needs and wants are. At this point, we will create a written proposal for your review, thoughts, and questions. When everything’s squared away, we will create a written contract to start the project.

When you start the project, will I see different people or is there one person in charge?

There will be one person in charge and on-site at all times during the construction project. When we start, we stay until we finish. Other trades will be scheduled at the appropriate times throughout the project through the communication of our job supervisor.

Will you be on site during construction?

I am on-site 95% of the time.

Is there any involvement from the Homeowner?

Yes, the Homeowner plays a very important role. We like to hear your thoughts and ideas throughout the construction of your project.

Do I just pay you or do I have to cut checks to all sub-contractors?

I am your point person on your project. You pay Grinnell Associates North and we take care of the rest. That is the benefit of using a General Contractor – there is only “one throat to choke.”

Can you work on my project if I do not live in New Hampshire

Absolutely, we can work in surrounding states. We have done many projects in Maine and Massachusetts.

I need someone to do a small job that will only take one or two days at the most – is my project too small?

No, not at all. We do projects from a few hours to a few months, and more….just call us and we will give you an honest and straightforward estimate of price and time.